Watch your step: thin ice on the Red River north of Grand Forks

GRAND FORKS – Rushing water is making its way into the Red River.

"About 2 and a half million gallons a day for discharge,” said Tod Matelski, Supervisor of the Wastewater Treatment. "Currently the temperature of the water is about 4 and a half degrees Celsius."

That's about 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The water being pumped into the ice covered Red is well above freezing.


The millions of gallons of water are the product of water treatment what was once sewage is now clean enough to drink.

"We do a disinfection of the lagoons. They're located to the North and the West of the facility. Every winter we discharge to the Red River to make more room for the following season," said Matelski.

The water will flow into the area north of town until April 1st.

But anyone who might be walking on the ice or riding their snowmobile should take caution.

"With the temperature of the water and the flow it will weaken the ice. A little bit up stream and mainly downstream," said Matelski. "It could be an inch thick and that'll be it."

A winter time warning.

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