The last time Hector International Airport in Fargo recorded a high above freezing was on Jan. 27. A high of 32 degrees has occurred a few times, including this past Sunday, but a temperature above that point has been elusive.

This past month was the first February since 1979 without a single day above freezing. February 1979 was the third-straight February without an above-freezing day.

The late 1970s had a series of very cold winters, but previous to those three winters, the only other Februaries without a high of at least 33 degrees occurred in 1948, 1935 and 1921. Therefore, last month was one of just seven Februaries without a day above freezing.

During the 1880s, this region recorded a series of brutally cold winters, yet even in that decade of cold, at least one day managed to get above freezing in February.

The good news is there has never been a March without some above-freezing days, so we can expect some melting in the area soon.

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