The sudden immersion of warm weather this week has people in a spring state of mind. But is winter weather really over? Past springs suggest it might not be.

Last spring on the 16th of March, there was still 11 inches of snow on the ground and that snow was not gone until April 5. But there were three measurable snows later in April. The latest, a half-inch on April 30, left us with snow on the ground May Day morning.

In 2010, there was still 5 inches on the ground March 16, but that all melted rapidly by the 18th, and no more snow fell. March 2009 was crazy. There was 9 inches on the ground March 16, but that rapidly melted in heavy rain during the big flood, and was followed by 4 inches of snow March 19, 7 more March 26 and another 7 inches March 31. We did not have bare ground again until April 10. Back in 2008, winter seemed never to quit, delivering 8 inches March 21, another 6 April 6 and a final 9 inches on April 26

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