In 1931, the average temperature for Fargo-Moorhead was 45.9 degrees. That year marked the 50th year of weather records for our community, and it was by far the warmest year to that point. The record went unbroken until it was surpassed in 1987 by 0.5 degree. The 46.4-degree average temperature that year has gone untouched for 25 years, but as the old saying goes, all records are made to be broken, and the warmth of 2012 may break it.

Through Oct. 31, the average temperature in Fargo this year has been 47.9 degrees, the warmest such stretch on record. The average temperature through that stretch in 1987 was 47.1 degrees, and in 1931, it was 45.5 degrees. Both of those years finished mild.

For the record to be broken, the temperatures will need to stay near average for the next two months, which means it may come down to snow cover. An early snow would likely mean below-average temperatures the rest of the year.

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