The record high temperature for today is 86 degrees, set back in 1963.

Our daily record highs will gradually diminish the rest of the month, yet remain above 70 degrees through the first week of November. This means that although it has been quite chilly lately, there is still potential for the area to squeeze in a few more warm days before the cold air becomes permanent.

The keyword in that sentence was "potential" because although our record highs give us hints to what a pattern change could bring, the reality is our average last 70-degree day is Oct. 17, just a few days from now. Plus, even with a recent string of warmer-than-average autumns, Fargo-Moorhead has not recorded a high temperature of 70 degrees or higher later than Oct. 15 since 2006.

This all means that any temperature in the 60s should now be considered mild, and if by chance we hit 70 again (Tuesday?), that would be a significant bonus.

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