Snow in April always seems like more of an anomaly than it actually is. Over the last three decades, Fargo-Moorhead has averaged 3 inches of snow for April. Most Aprils, we get some snow but not a lot. Every now and then, we get a lot of snow in April.

Weather is naturally variable and the variety is often more noticeable in transitional seasons. It might be unsettling, but April snow is not unusual.

Snow in May is much more of an anomaly. Although a little snow will fall somewhere in North Dakota or northern Minnesota every few years, these May snowfalls to be highly localized, covering a very small area where conditions are just barely cold enough.

The relative rarity of May snowfall at any one location relegates average May snow to the trace category. The closest the Fargo-Moorhead area has come to a May snow in recent years was in 2011 when less than 1 inch fell just before midnight on April 30 and did not melt until the afternoon of May 1.

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