The 2019 flood season is winding down, but the fight is still continuing for some.

Highway 75 reopened after it had been closed the past week due to flooding. That closure meant a 30- minute detour for vehicles, but while that roadway is cleared now, the fight to keep water out of town continues.

Norman county called in the Minnesota National Guard so they could begin patrolling the dike protecting Halstad.

There is some concern about how flood barriers will hold up.

"There is a portion of the levee here that is new and under construction. They are a little bit worried how that is going to hold and we need to be there to catch any cracks or mud roll-off, said Maj. Dustin Littlefield of the Minnesota National Guard.

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While portions of the 35-year-old levee are under construction to help stabilize it, it's routine here to do the patrols when the nearby red river reaches 36.5 feet. The same happened back on April 8. For the past 11 days, city leaders and volunteers haven been walking the dike 24/7.

"They need manpower, they are exhausted. They've been walking this levee. It's a little over a mile or an hour long walk," said Littlefield.

If the levy does give, the Minnesota National Guard will do whatever it takes to help said Littlefield.

"We are going to take our orders from the townspeople, from the local sheriff and help out in any way possible at that point."

The last time the around the clock patrols were needed in Halstad was back in 2011.