FARGO — Say it ain't snow.

WDAY Chief Meteorologist John Wheeler said residents of northern South Dakota — even those along the North Dakota border — could wake up to snow on Saturday morning as the first of two low pressure systems moves into the region at that time.

The second low will move in on Sunday afternoon into Monday, and that system could bring snow further north into the Red River Valley.

Wheeler said it's not a "for sure," but there's a "decent chance," he said.

He explained that the atmosphere is still cold above and the snow is there, but he added that a warm layer closer to the ground will turn any moisture to rain. However, if the warm layer is thin, Wheeler said parts of North Dakota could see snow late Sunday afternoon into Monday.

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Either way, it's going to be kind of a chilly, miserable end to the weekend, he said.

The good news, though, is that if snow does accumulate, it won't last long at all and could melt within hours.