Making outdoor plans based on a weather forecast for a nice day carries a certain amount of risk. Forecasts can be wrong, of course, but sometimes the forecast user misunderstands a forecast.

Last Sunday, our Monday forecast called for a mostly sunny sky with a high temperature of 72 degrees. The high was actually 74 but someone called us around midday to inform us that the day was a lot cooler than we had indicated. The user was expecting the day to have that 70s feel all day. The morning was actually quite cool, with temperatures in the 40s with a steady breeze.

The forecast user had made a decision based on a picture of sunshine and a forecast high of 72 degrees on our StormTRACKER app, but had not bothered to look at the forecast low temperature, the hourly temperature and wind forecast, or the forecast low for that morning.

Although most of us desire simplicity in things such as a weather forecast, reality sometimes is more complicated.

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