The weather of 2019 has been nearly continuously colder than average in our region. A cold spring followed the cold winter. This past week, the Climate Prediction Center released its latest long-lead forecast for the summer months of June, July and August.

You guessed it, the forecast calls for a higher probability cooler-than-average temperatures for the Great Plains from north Texas to southern Canada.

A warmer-than-average summer is likely over both the eastern and western United States. This is only a forecast, of course, and 90-day summer forecasts are not known to be very reliable.

The various indicators pointing to this pattern include the very high soil moisture covering much of the Great Plains and an unusual, mostly very warm sea-surface temperature pattern across the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, all of which suggest a warm-cool-warm pattern from west to east across the country. Most of the Northern Hemisphere continues to be in a warmer-than-average pattern. Our region is a cool outlier.

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