The first four and a half months of 2019 — the period from Jan. 1 through May 15 — had an average daily mean temperature of 20.9 degrees, which is the 25th coldest of the 139 years of the Fargo-Moorhead weather record. It is also the coldest since 1996.

A high percentage of the colder years come from the early part of the period of record: the 1880s and 1890s. The coldest year was 1893 with an average daily mean temperature of 14.5 degrees.

The warmest year was 2012 with an average daily mean of 35.5 degrees. Six of the warmest 15 have been since the year 2000.

This suggests that the very cold winter and spring we are enduring is an anomaly and not a trend.

Also, to have such a cold winter and spring juxtaposed against so many recent warm ones makes the present weather seem particularly cold. There are indications that the cooler-than-average weather will linger into the summer months.