The average daily mean temperature in Fargo-Moorhead during May was 52.5 degrees. This is 4.6 degrees colder than the three-decade (1981-2010) average but only 3 degrees colder than the 1881-present average.

This was the 34th coldest May of the 139 on record and the coldest May since 2004. Similarly, the average daily mean temperature for the three spring months of March through May was 38.3 degrees, the 27th coldest since 1881 and the coldest since 2002.

The first five months of 2019, January through May, had an average daily mean temperature of 24.5 degrees, which is the 23rd coldest in 139 years and the coldest since 1996.

These statistics support the notion that our weather has been cold lately, but the cold has not been unprecedented.

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