Many North Dakotans and Minnesotans prefer cool summer days to warm ones. This entire past week has been cool. Tuesday, in particular, was remarkably cool for a sunny June day. The high temperature was just 69 degrees following a low of 44. A few spots in Minnesota had morning temperatures in the upper 30s. Weather like this is not particularly good at warming up the lake temperatures for swimming and nights near 40 can cause people to reach for another blanket before morning.

Nevertheless, a certain and not insignificant portion of the local population loves cool summer weather unequivocally. To be sure, a cool summer day is an unknown across the southern half of the U.S.

Ironically, most of those places which are beastly hot all summer offer winter climates that attract northerners. This is, of course, why those who can will spend their winters there and their summers here.

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