A small storm that moved through Clay County Monday afternoon produced some great visuals and WDAY viewers were able to catch some of it on camera.

Video submitted by viewer Britta Albayyaa shows hail raining down on a residential neighborhood in east Moorhead. The camera pans to the left and reveals not one, but two rainbows above a nearby field.

WDAY Chief Meteorologist John Wheeler said there was a narrow swath of small-sized hail in Clay County that was unlikely to have done much damage as it passed through the region.

"This storm had a great structure, but not a lot of power," Wheeler said, explaining that while the storm generated an impressive wall cloud, it lacked the heat, humidity and instability to become severe.

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The towering cloud could be seen from the west side of the Red River in Cass County, where a viewer in Reiles Acres, N.D. captured timelapse footage of the storm as it swirled and moved to the east.

Around 14 miles away, hail poured down and piled on the driveway of a home in the rural Clay County community of Sabin, as seen in video captured by viewer Andrea Manston.