WEST FARGO — The Red River Valley Fair had a soggy start on Tuesday, thanks to Mother Nature.

"We work for months to get this going and we got everything ready to go and then all of a sudden — boom — this is handed to us," said Red River Valley Fair General Manager Bryan Schulz.

Over 2 inches of rain and winds nearing 50 mph swept through the fairgrounds, but the show still went on.

"This is my 13th fair, we've gone through a lot of ups and downs, this is not gonna hold us back," Schulz said.

The rain continued late Tuesday, making the fairgrounds look like a swimming pool.

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A dud of a first day limited the number of people looking for fairground fun, but veteran vendors like Toby Schnobrich, who does caricatures across seven states, aren't worried one bit.

"For the most part when the weather gets dicey the North Dakotans are more likely to show up than other places — I'm not just saying this — I've got 23 years of experience coming here," he said. "I suppose the reasoning is if they waited for good weather they'd never get out of the house."

Schnobrich said he was thankful the weather was bad Tuesday because he'd rather have a rainy Tuesday and a sunny Saturday than having it the other way around.