FARGO — Several streets in the Fargo-Moorhead metro were covered with standing water from torrential rain Tuesday evening.

A wall of water put the brakes on Tom Engh's trip home after his car got stuck in the water.

"It sunk and it is flooded. It does nothing," Engh said.

The water was even too deep for a West Fargo police cruiser. A tow truck had to rescue it from a couple of feet of water.

Engh needed a tow truck too. A bicyclist helped push his car back to shallower water for the tow truck driver.

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"That's just good ol' North Dakota people," Engh said.

Fire Chief Dan Fuller has been leading the West Fargo Fire Department for four years and said he hasn't seen flash flooding from a storm like Tuesday's yet. But the message from emergency workers has always been the same: Don't drive down flooded roads.

"It only takes a few inches to take a vehicle off the road. Your car might stall and we are going to have to come get you and you may have a tow bill." Fuller said. "You may swamp other people's cars and there is a lot of damage being done by that, so just stay out of the water altogether."

With more rain in the forecast, there is more concern about flash flooding with storm drains already full of water.

"It just depends on how much the system can get rid of and drain between now and the next time it rains," Fuller said.