Water is the only chemical commonly found in our atmosphere that can be in a solid, liquid, or a gaseous state.

Water gas is, of course, water vapor, which can never make up more than about 4% of the air by volume. It can never reach 100%. Think about it. Air can’t be 100% water vapor, otherwise we would have no oxygen to breathe.

Cold air is dry in the sense that there cannot be much water vapor in it. The relative humidity might be 100% but the air never feels sticky in winter.

Yet when the air is hot and humid and we are feeling sticky, the relative humidity is usually between 40% and 60%. But that's relative humidity.

The dew point scale reflects both the humidity and the temperature. Here’s how it works.

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Dew points in the 70s make you feel sticky, even uncomfortable. Dew points between 65 to 70 feel kind of sticky. Dew points in the lower 60s aren’t too bad. And when the dew point is in the 50s or lower, you don’t notice the humidity in the air at all.