FERGUS FALLS, Minn. — The sounds of chainsaws filled the air in Fergus Falls Monday, after a storm moved through town Sunday night, bringing high winds and torrential rain that left the city a mess.

More than 500 people lost power during the storm Sunday night, but Otter Tail Power Company had the power back on by Monday morning. Now, Fergus Falls has a long week ahead for storm cleanup, with tree cutting and power line repairs.

"(We've been) very, very busy. I've been bouncing around from job site to job site this morning," said Lukas Sem, president of Tree Trimmers, LLC in Fergus Falls.

His project Monday morning was a tree that crashed into a house on Vernon Avenue.

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"I've heard just talking with people that it could be bad enough to where the house is totaled," Sem said.

So far, the tree removal alone is around $3,000.

Neighbor John Didier got to walk through the house Sunday night and saw the damage for himself.

"You could see the top of the tree was caved into the roof into the ceiling, knocked out the sheetrock and the insulation out onto (the resident's) bed," he said.

The person who was living in the home is staying in a motel until the damage can be assessed.

Didier says while his own house wasn't harmed by any trees, his basement was still a victim of the storm.

"The rain — while it was going — was up halfway up through the window and started to seep down to our wall, and then down onto the floor," he said.

Didier said there was no damage to be seen after his cement floor soaked it up. But the same can't be said for the rest of the town.

"We've got maybe half a dozen full trees down, and on top of that just a lot of limbs," said Public Works Director Len Taylor.

The total clean up for that mess could cost $6,000 to $7,000, but Taylor said it's not as bad as it could've been with how big the storm was.

"We had some damage and we had some street flooding," he said. "But the damage could've been a whole lot worse."