The 50th anniversary of the first Apollo moon landing has generated a lot of reminiscing about the excitement of that project and that period in time. The national commitment to land people on the moon was driven largely by a fear of military dominance by the Soviet Union. Once the "Space Race" was won, interest waned and NASA's portion of the national budget waned as well.

Lately, interest in sending people to the moon and other planets has been increasing again. Improvements in technology since 1969 likely has made space travel less costly, and it is now conceivable that there could be opportunities for profit in potential business ventures such as space mining or space tourism.

Certainly, this renewed interest in space inspires the imagination and makes the fields of science and engineering more exciting than they have been in decades. Kids today, like this writer 50 years ago, must be thinking about the possibility of becoming an astronaut someday.

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