The ridiculously-too-long-range winter season predictor magazines are starting to roll out. As a spontaneous-buy item at a grocery store, they seem silly and harmless.

However, when their national forecasts are posted and re-posted on social media, they take a more serious tone with many people. The Farmer's Almanac says "frigid and snowy" for the Northern Plains region. The Old Farmer's Almanac categorizes it as "a parade of snowstorms."

Before anyone gets too upset here, consider that last year's Farmer's Almanac called for "moderate snowfall" and temperatures "not as harsh as usual" while the Old Farmer's Almanac predicted a winter that would be "warm and dry."

Here's the deal: nobody in August knows what the winter will be like. Any "forecast" at this point is nothing more than an uneducated guess. The fact that actual science is not offering any forecast for the winter yet ought to be a clue to ignore all of the non-scientific clutter designed to sell magazines.

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