WEST FARGO — With a possible snowstorm headed to the Red River Valley later this week, street crews in the Fargo-Moorhead metro are preparing for an early dose of winter weather.

West Fargo city trucks were getting checked and prepped Monday, Oct. 7. Crews were performing basic maintenance of oil, radiators and tires to make sure the fleet is ready for winter.

"Mechanics are still going through a couple of the seasonals to finish them up (and are) getting the brine truck ready just in case," said street foreman Dan Birnbaum.

Public works crews said all 21 of West Fargo's trucks were ready to go. All that's left to do is to put the plows on the trucks — which they'll wait to do until they're absolutely sure they need them because the trucks are still needed for fall cleanup.

"In the next couple weeks there's still street sweeping," Birnbaum said. "(We need) to get all the leaves picked up (and all the) little ends and pieces that need to get done before winter."

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If and when the snow comes, Birnbaum said they'll be ready. The city has 200 tons of salt to be loaded into the trucks and 500 more tons are being shipped in on Monday night. The city also has 300 tons of sand, which Birnbaum said should be enough to get crews through until 2020.

Moorhead and Grand Forks plows are also ready to go. West Fargo Public Works said if and when they plow they'll do emergency routes first and then head into residential areas.