FARGO — It's not unusual to see people sharing images of snowfall predictions on social media platforms before a winter storm arrives in the region.

But most of them reference weather models, which WDAY Chief Meteorologist John Wheeler said are exciting but don't provide a true forecast.

"The science of weather forecasting is a lot more complicated than looking at one little element of a model and saying that's a forecast," he explained.

Wheeler urges the public to stay on top of the forecasts and to think before sharing a model, and some residents of the Fargo-Metro agree — saying people may have posted their weather worries too soon.

"People look online, they see: 'oh this storm is going to be so bad,' when in reality, it might not be," said Noah Nordstrom of West Fargo.

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"I've certainly been surprised by swings in the weather before, but I just think everyone's flying off the handle a little too much," said Patrick Finnicum of Fargo.

Even though some believe these posts are adding to the hype, it hasn't stopped others from being prepared.

"Some of my friends are already planning for a huge snowstorm, like it's going to be another one of the 'mega' blizzards we got last year. I don't know, I'm skeptical at this point," Finnicum said.