Following a cold second half of last winter and a cold spring, our weather has turned quite cold again this fall. The weather during October has been particularly and noticeably cold. The last year with a similar average daily mean temperature was 2008, which from Jan. 1 through Sunday was only 0.1 degree warmer per day than this year. The year 2009 was just 0.3 degrees warmer per day. However, the last year that actually had a colder average daily temperature than this year is 1996, which was 0.4 degrees colder per day.

Interestingly, this year is only the 37th coldest of the 139 years on record. This is because the vast majority of the coldest years on record were in the 1880s through the 1910s when our climate was consistently colder than it has been recently. This year might not be among the coldest on record, but if November and December continue to be cold, it could be the coldest year of the last 25.

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