The current three-decade average for snowfall during November in Fargo-Moorhead is 8 inches. However, that much snow last fell here during November in 2010 when 17.6 inches was measured.

In fact, 15 of the last 17 Novembers have produced less than 8 inches of snow. The most was 30.4 inches in 1896. Second place was 100 years later in 1996 with 26.4 inches. Other very snowy Novembers include 24.3 inches in 1985, 24.2 inches in 1977, and 21.5 inches in 1993.

Monthly snowfall is one of the more random statistics due to the fact that heavy snowfalls are relatively rare in any particular month, yet happen often enough to skew the statistics.

In other words, it is not likely that there is some physical trend causing the Fargo area to miss out on November snows in recent years. Grand Forks has also had a below average November snow total for all but two of the last 17 years. We're all probably just overdue due for one.

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