Since the snow storm in early October, snow plows have had a nice break from Mother Nature's wrath, but that ended Friday night.

8-12 inches of snow could be covering the Metro by the end of the weekend.

"We'll be plowing all day tomorrow all day Sunday, probably most of Monday," said Fargo Public Works Supervisor Lee Anderson.

They've been prepping the roads the last couple days in anticipation for this storm.

"6 inches with wind that we have here is tough to deal with, 10 or more obviously it's gonna be tough conditions to deal with," he said.

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City trucks were filled up with brine, a salt water mixture they'll spray before the storm that keeps the snow from sticking to the roads.

"It's gonna get slippery, it doesn't prevent the ice but it does prevent it from bonding to the pavement, it's no different from our driveways, you drive on it before you shovel it it's very hard to move," said Anderson.

Then they hit the roads unleashing 52 gallons of brine per lane mile.

Going along their plow routes, they start with emergency routes first that include Main Avenue, 13th Avenue and 45th Street and go to secondary routes that include schools and bus routes.

They've used about 25 thousand gallons of brine. They made about 20 thousand more to have ready if they need it

With 30 trucks on standby, the brine, and 4,000 tons of salt and sand, they're ready for anything mother nature throws their way this weekend.

"We're not quitters, we'll win eventually," said Anderson.

They might not be able to get to residential areas until tomorrow night or early Sunday morning.