FARGO — With temperatures expected to go as low as the 20s below zero, drivers can expect icy roads on Wednesday and Thursday.

Minnesota State Patrol spokesman Sgt. Jesse Grabow said he and other state troopers responded to 68 crashes on highways between 5 and 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday.

In North Dakota, state troopers didn't see as many — six in total — but they were all in high traffic areas on both metro roads and highways.

"(They happened) where those people are merging and diverging, they're accelerating, they're decelerating, and they hit those icy spots, and they lose control," said Capt. Bryan Niewind with the North Dakota Highway Patrol. "That's where we have some of our problems in weather like we had (Tuesday)."

State troopers said drivers think the roads are fine if the sun is shining, but the road conditions can change in a heartbeat.

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"If the sun comes out, even though it's cold when the snow blows across, then it has a tendency to stick, and instantly freeze," Niewind said. "So we could have some of those changing road conditions where we have that blowing snow as well."