One year ago on this date, we were cleaning up from a 4.4 inches of snowfall that brought the average depth to 8 inches and the seasonal snow total to 24 inches. This year, the Fargo-Moorhead official snow total is 41 inches and the average snow depth is 19. This demonstrates how variable our weather can be year to year, and illustrates how problematic it can be to use this sort of annual comparison to draw quick conclusions about spring flooding.

Last winter started rather quietly until the pattern that brought bitter cold and frequent snows took over in late January. We had a flood scare because of a lot of late winter snow and then the flood became manageable because of a cold spring and slow melt. There is already enough water in the snow for a flood concern this spring, but the weather for the remainder of the winter and early spring will mean everything as far as determining how serious the flood turns out to be.

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