In Fargo, it was 99 degrees June 7 and 97 degrees twice, on the 16th and again on the 17th. So how unusual is this? The hottest temperature of the year, averaged over the entire period of record back to 1881, is 98 degrees. To have a cluster of days near that average might be a bit out of the ordinary, but the recent hot weather has not been extreme when compared to recorded history. The hottest day of record in the Fargo-Moorhead area is 114 degrees in 1936.

For Grand Forks, the hottest it has been this summer has been 97 degrees on June 16. The average hottest temperature in Grand Forks back to 1893 is 97. The absolute hottest was 109 degrees in 1936. In Bismarck, the average hottest back to 1875 is 101 degrees and the record is 114 in 1936. In Sioux Falls, the average hottest to 1893 is 100 and the hottest is 110 degrees in 1988. In Minneapolis, the average back to 1872 is 97 degrees and the record is 108 in 1936.

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