It takes a lot for most people to call or email a broadcast meteorologist to complain about the weather. Everybody knows we don’t actually create the stuff, yet people have been known to call or write with an angry tone to find out when a particular weather pattern will change.

Interestingly enough, it is not our bitter winter wind chills that bring out the worst in the weather complainers. Even when the wind chill factor is down into the minus 40s, people seem to just deal with it. However, as soon as we get a couple of days of hot and sticky humidity, a huge amount of people’s inner crabbiness is set free.

I get more complaints about high humidity than any other kind of weather. “When is this disgusting humidity going away?” “Can’t you do something about this awful weather, please?” There is, no doubt, a subset of locals who enjoy a spell of heat and humidity, but those who enjoy hot weather are not nearly as vocal as those who hate it.

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