Roads will be getting slick in some areas this evening. A rather weak low pressure system and a cold front are passing through, resulting in a scattering of showers of mixed precipitation. Rain is more likely south of I-94 with a mixture of sleet, freezing rain, and snow to the north. of the interstate across North Dakota.

The showers will reach the Red River around 5-6 pm as temperatures are beginning to cool for the evening. As the precipitation moves into Minnesota after dark, the possibility of icy roads will extend to south of U.S. 10.

Precipitation will likely reach the Fargo Moorhead area near 6 pm and begin as rain which could turn to snow. Icy roads will be possible.

Across the northern sections of the region, including the Grand Forks area, precipitation will mostly fall as sleet or snow and icy roads will be likely.

No heavy or long-lasting precipitation is expected. However, roads will likely become covered with snow, ice, or slush in some areas.