DETROIT LAKES— The lake ice in and around Detroit Lakes is between 8 to 12 inches right now, and an expert is warning people the ice is still too thin for heavy trucks.

Brad Laabs, owner of Brad Laabs Guides and has been doing guides in Detroit Lakes for about 32 years, says the ice is usually 18 to 24 inches thick around this time of the year.

"Ice, it's at their own risk. But you might want to call your insurance person to make sure if your truck goes in you're covered. Plus, getting them out it's not an easy task either and that can be very expensive."

Which may okay for smaller vehicles, but Laabs is warning people to keep big half-ton trucks off of the ice.

"The smaller SUV's not a problem, but the half ton and three quarter ton trucks should not be on the ice."

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Laabs says going on the ice is always a risk, especially if there are already a few other trucks on the ice. He suggests waiting until the area gets a good cold snap, and the ice is at least 15 inches thick.