EDGLEY, N.D. — The ice is causing quite a mess at the gas station in Edgely. Frost has been building up for the past few days on almost everything that sits outside. That includes power lines, and it's turning off the lights all around the region.

Dakota Valley Electric Cooperative said customers need to be prepared to go without power for days, leaving some in the dark on the outskirts of town.

"My son-in-law and I had supper by candlelight," said Deb Wald, a resident who lost power to her home because of the ice.

Down the street from the Wald residence, linemen worked to help get the power back on.

"(We're) chasing our tails," said lineman Monty Zimmer. "We get a line on, and it goes right back out."

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Not only have crews been fixing lines, they're trying to be proactive as well and have been working since Tuesday evening to keep the lights on.

"We call them extendo sticks; we try to beat the frost off the line," explained Dakota Valley Electric Cooperative's manager of operations, Brad Lunneborg.

With the wind picking up, Dakota Valley Electric Cooperative said, it may get worse. They fear poles may start to snap, creating a much bigger problem, and warned customers to be ready.

"A lot of the folks do have generators, so we are just telling people to be ready for a long duration," Lunneborg said.

Dakota Valley Electric Cooperative said other power companies are willing to send crews to help as needed. They also want to remind customers to report outages right away and not assume the issue has already been called in.