FARGO — 'Mount Fargo,' the affectionate name of the snow pile near the city landfill, is looking more like a foothill this year compared to last year.

The pile currently contains snow from one storm in October 2020, and a storm in December 2020.

Last year's pile reached nearly 100 feet, complete with an American flag at the peak, but Lee Anderson, a supervisor with Fargo Public Works, said he's relieved to not have as much work as last year, including bringing in a Snow-Cat machine from Minot to help calm down the pile.

"It's what we had to do," Anderson said about the work crews did last year. "You gotta do what you gotta do, and this year we don't have that pressure, which is nice."

According to Anderson, this year's pile contains about 800 truckloads of hauled snow from the snow events in October and December, which is about the same amount of snow crews hauled per day last winter.

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