As the calendar turns to March tomorrow, we know our weather will be warming up. Based on data from 1991-2020, the average high and low in Fargo goes from 27 and 9 degrees today to 46 and 28 degrees on March 31. In Grand Forks, the numbers rise from 2 and 7 degrees to 44 and 27 degrees. In both cases, this is a rise of about 20 degrees. The warm-up in spring, however, is never a steady rise like the averages are. The variable nature of weather brings a lot of variety, especially here on the Great Plains where the wind blows air around so freely.

Over the past 30 years, high temperatures in March have ranged from -8 to 78 degrees in Fargo and from -11 to 74 degrees in Grand Forks. Daily low temperatures in March have ranged from -22 to 60 in Fargo and from -26 to 54 in Grand Forks. These are ranges of 80 to 86 degrees.

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