Weather Talk: Welcome to the dark season

Welcome to November — the cloudiest month of the year. The month of November only brings an average of five sunny days and another seven partly cloudy. Most of the month is usually overcast and, from the looks of things at the start, this November is likely to be cloudier than average.

When the sun does appear during November, it can seem very bright, but that is a cheat. The sun is never very far above the horizon in November so it can make you squint, but the days are short and the sun's rays are weak after passing through the atmosphere at such an oblique angle.

The solution? Eat your broccoli. You need to replace the vitamins you're not getting from sunlight exposure. Put on a pot of coffee. Make your favorite comfort food. Be sociable. And be patient. There are seven weeks until the winter solstice, when the days start getting longer, brighter and sunnier.