Weather Talk: How this November compares to the warmest and coldest

Two years ago today was a chilly day in Fargo-Moorhead because, with a high temperature of 57 degrees, it was the coolest day in a week. Of the previous six days, one had been in the upper 50s, three had been in the 60s and two had been in the 70s. Going forward, there would not be a day with a freezing high temperature until Nov. 19. In fact, there would only be two days with high temperatures of 32 degrees all month.

November 2016 is the warmest November on the record book dating back to 1881. The average daily mean temperature was 41.1 degrees. The present November is churning along at a colder-than-average pace, but is not likely to be even close to breaking any sort of record for cold weather. The coldest November on record was in 1896 with an average daily mean temperature of 10.1 degrees, meaning each day was, on average, 30 degrees colder than in the 2016 warm record.