Subzero temperatures in Fargo-Moorhead in November are not particularly rare, having happened at least once in all but 60 of the 138 Novembers on record.

That's slightly more than half the Novembers that have had a subzero temperature. However, when the temperature dropped to minus 3 one week ago tonight, it was the first subzero November temperature in four years. In 2014, the temperature went subzero on three nights.

Like a lot of cold temperature statistics in our record, November subzero lows have been in decline in recent decades. The greatest number of subzero readings in November is 15 set in 1896. The second-most is 11 set in 1985.

There is one aspect of subzero November weather that has not changed: There remains absolutely no statistical connection between cold weather in November and cold weather the rest of the winter.

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