With a mild week ahead, it is interesting to look at the record book for information on just how warm it can be in December. The December with the warmest average daily mean temperature was in 1959. The average high that month was 32.9° and the average low was 22.3°. There were seven days in the 40s, 13 in the 30s, 10 in the 20s and just one day colder with a high of 18. The temperature did not go below zero. The coldest was a low of 5 degrees on Dec. 30.

Other Decembers, of course, have had warmer days in shorter bursts. The record high for December is 65° set Dec. 6, 1939. Most daily record highs in the first half of December are in the 50s. For the second half of December, most daily record highs are in the 40s. A few days in the 30s this week will seem mild, but will not challenge any daily records.

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