Weather Talk: A White Christmas is in jeopardy

Christmas Day is exactly two weeks away and it will be difficult for the snow that is on the ground to survive. Snow cover in the greater Fargo area is meager, and the forecast is looking dry and mild. That means the traditional "white Christmas" could be in jeopardy. However, two weeks is a long time to forecast and it is likely our weather pattern will change before Christmas. This raises the possibility of a fresh snow before the holiday.

If a "white Christmas" is marked by the existence of measurable snow on the ground, then the Fargo area has traditionally averaged about six out of seven Christmas Days as white, although there has been a statistical decline in the past couple of decades. The last Christmas Day without measurable snow on the ground was in 2014. Christmas was also "brown" in 2011 and 2006. The greatest snow depth on Christmas Day was 17 inches, measured in both 2010 and 1996.