If you have decided that you have had enough of cold weather and would like to live someplace where it never, ever freezes, your choices are limited within the United States. There are many places where freezing weather is rare, such as San Diego, Calif., or southern Texas; however, these places do get to 32 degrees on occasion. If you want to escape freezing for a lifetime, there are only two places that have no record of freezing.

The obvious first choice is Hawaii. Except for the tops of the volcanoes, there is no record of freezing weather in Hawaii. The lowest recorded temperature in Honolulu is 52 degrees set Jan. 20, 1969.

The other spot to consider is Key West, Fla. Miami and even Miami Beach do get to freezing on rare occasions, but cold air must blow across the warm Florida Bay to reach Key West, making it unlikely to freeze there. The record low for Key West is 41 degrees set on Jan. 12, 1886, and again on Jan. 13, 1981.

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