Weather Talk: The last severe cold wave hit 15 years ago

The last truly brutal cold snap in our region was 15 years ago this week. Temperatures had been running near average that winter, and six inches of snow was on the ground when on Sunday, Jan. 25, an extremely fluffy 12 inches of snow fell, creating a deep and highly reflective insulating layer on the ground. The temperature plunged to 18 below that night under lingering clouds. The sky cleared Monday, and it dropped to 31 below that night.

The low temperatures the rest of that week were 29 below, 32 below, 36 below and 27 below. Daytime highs were 5 below, 14 below, 22 below, 21 below and finally 2 above that Saturday. Fargo-Moorhead has not had such cold weather since that week in 2004.