FARGO- Cold enough for you? The extreme temperatures this week may have you yearning for warmer days. Some may even be wondering or chattering through their teeth, 'Where's this global warming I've heard about?'

Funny you should ask:

WDAY's Drew Trafton asked WDAY Chief StormTRACKER meteorologist John Wheeler all about the subject of climate change in the latest WDAY StormTRACKER podcast.

In the podcast, John answers questions you might have been too afraid to ask: What is climate change? Doesn't the climate change naturally over time? How can we know what the weather was like millions of years ago? How do we know humans are contributing to a changing climate? Could climate change be a good thing?

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Most importantly, the podcast doesn't tell you what to think or believe on the subject. It's simply our hope you have a more informed opinion on the subject after listening.