GRAND FORKS — It's mid-winter, and with five blizzards hitting Grand Forks so far this season, only three more are needed before the record is tied.

Eight blizzards is the record set back in the winter of 1996 through 1997, which led to historic flooding.

About 30 inches of snow have fallen on Grand Forks so far this winter, according to the National Weather Service, but snowfall so far hasn't been above normal. The service still doesn't predict major flooding. Snow that has fallen has been fairly dry.

One local man isn't worried about this winter matching the severity of the 1996-1997 season.

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“I could jump right off the garage and into the snow pile. That's how high the snow was," said Grand Forks native Danny Gothberg. "So that's got to be at least 10 feet higher, or more.”