There are piles of snow deeper than we have seen in several years. Thursday's snowstorm was the second storm of the week, and the fourth since Jan. 21, and the drifting around the region is a little excessive.

However, the snow truly looks worse than it is.

Since Jan. 21, the total snowfall for Fargo-Moorhead has been 16.3 inches, but the water content of that snow is only 1.11 inches. Snow for the season stands at 35.9 inches and the average water content of the snow pack throughout the basin is around 2 to 4 inches. The snow has been very light and fluffy with a low water content. This kind of snow is bad for blowing and drifting, so we have been shoveling a lot of it over and over.

However, this lightweight snowpack has a good side: Despite the ridiculous height of the drifts, the water contained in the snow is not yet enough to cause concern about serious spring flooding.

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