GRAND FORKS — As the Red River Valley endures yet another heavy dose of extreme winter weather, the snow and cold's impact on the region plays out on social media.

In one video, a mail carrier in Fargo can be seen trudging through knee-deep snow. In another video, a hotel employee came through for a small animal in need of rescue. And students in Grand Forks got creative with getting around campus.

Henry Rubish, a sophomore at the University of North Dakota spotted someone on video cross-country skiing through campus Thursday. Someone else caught the cold, dreary scene on video from inside the Wilkerson Dining Hall.

"I thought that was pretty ingenious actually," said Rubish.

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The Snapchat video tweeted by Barstool UND is captioned: “Just casual North Dakota things.” Rubish said he also saw people sledding down big snow piles on campus.

In Grand Forks, a man's car was stuck in snow on Gateway Drive. Strangers — side by side — pushed his car out. And with a wave, he was on his way.

At the Hilton Garden Inn at UND a rabbit was trapped between a pile of snow and a window. A front desk agent hopped to the rescue shoveling the little guy to safety.

"I just felt what I did was right and I had to save the little guy,” the employee told WDAY through the Hilton's Facebook page.

As the winter weather first started to strike, the Police Department in Harvey, N.D. issued a warning on Facebook to would-be criminals, promising to use Super Soakers instead of tasers. The department also asked people to refrain from committing crime until the temperature climbs above 10 degrees.

The National Weather Service shared nearly 200 pictures of the blizzard's aftermath. Among them, a little girl painting tulips in the snow.

A blizzard has now given away to a deep freeze that will persist through the weekend.