FARGO — Large puddles of water on roads are common this time of year as snow begins to melt, and as they grow it's almost inevitable you'll have to drive through them.

And while driving through them at high speeds can make a big, amusing splash, it can take a toll on a vehicle.

"We get almost triple the amount of incidents this (time of) year," said Kerry Stand, a service adviser at Muscatell Automotive. "Mainly because of the puddles and potholes."

Water buildups can hide potholes, and driving right into them can lead to nasty surprises.

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Hitting one of the holes can lead to major suspension issues, blown tires, and water damage. And if it gets into your engine, the water could cause it to lock up or stall out.

"The point is to get from point A to point B as safe as you can without any damage or any collisions," Strand said. "Reducing your speeds (is) going to minimize damaged suspension, damaged tires."

Strand urged drivers to take alternate routes if there are any available, and recommended being cautious on the road. "Obviously safe driving is going to be the best driving, also defensive driving."