Readers submit photos of flooding along the Red River Valley

FARGO — Readers in the Red River Valley submitted these photos demonstrating how this year's floods have impacted the region.

If you have recent photos or video of flooding in your area that you'd like to share, you can email them to Make sure to include your name and a description and location of the photos.

Josh Gleason submitted this photo and video of flooding in Oslo, Minn.:


Matthew McFadden submitted these photos of the Sorlie Bridge and the flood monument downtown Grand Forks:

Brad Werner submitted these photos taken near Point Bridge in Grand Forks:

Nathaniel Leben with ISight RPV Services submitted these photos of downtown Grand Forks:

Daniel Schott submitted these photos from around Desiree Drive and Shadyridge Court in Grand Forks:

Katie Hanson submitted these photos taken in Fargo and Moorhead:

Kevin Meister submitted this photo of the Red River at the Drayton Dam:

Angie Gapp submitted this photo at Lake Shure Estates near Harwood, N.D.:

Erica LaMaraca shared these photos taken in Grand Forks. The first image is an aerial view of the ice jam near Riverside Park and the second image is where the Red Lake River and the Red River meet:

Katherine Moore took this photo of two sets of stairs next to Sorlie Bridge in Grand Forks:

Tim Hoye submitted these photos along County Road 17 between 19th Avenue North and County Road 20 in Cass County:

Jim Frankson submitted these photos of a house split in half on Copperfield Court in Fargo and other flooding on the Red River separating Fargo and Moorhead:

Christina Wills submitted photos of flooding at Johnson Park in Moorhead on Sunday, April 7:

These pictures of the Red River in Moorhead were taken by Jim Puffe:

Mary Jo Watts took these pictures of the Maple River in and north of Mapleton, N.D.:

Katie Stauss took this picture on the Sorlie Bridge in Grand Forks:

Anne Smith took these photos at the Sorlie Bridge in Grand Forks

Jacqie Dotson sent these pictures from Riverside Park in Grand Forks:

Dale Nelson took photos of this ice breaking up in Mayville:

Mike Dowling took this photo of the Maple River with his drone:

Jon Page took these pictures of the Sorlie Bridge in Grand Forks:

Jordan Stiefel took these pictures of the Red River in Fargo: