City of West Fargo sanitation manager joins garbage truck crew for cleanup week

Logan Jacobson is leaving his usual spot behind a desk to put an extra truck on the road, helping out sanitation crews during a busy week.

City of West Fargo Sanitation Manager Logan Jacobson (right) is working from a garbage truck instead of a desk this cleanup week.
Finn Harrison / WDAY News

WEST FARGO — Cleanup week began Monday, May 1, across the Fargo-Moorhead area. And while it may be easy to put unwanted waste by the curb, it's a busy and challenging time for those working to pick it all up.

This year, it's gotten so frantic that even West Fargo Sanitation Manager Logan Jacobson has gotten on the truck himself.

It's a big change of pace compared to his usual spot behind a desk in the City of West Fargo's Sanitation Building, but Jacobson couldn't sit back while his crews scrambled to collect this clean up week.

"It's a clear sign of how busy we are. When we're able to put out an extra truck with the people we have to keep things moving that's what we do," Jacobson said.

This is not a typical move for Jacobson, even in previous cleanup weeks. But he has no problem making his crew's lives easier by getting his hands dirty.


"I love getting out, helping out the guys. It's a chance I get to work with the guys for a while, see what they do on a day in and day out basis," Jacobson said.

In the process of helping out, he has come to appreciate how satisfying cleanup can be.

"You just feel good as you drive down a busy street full of piles, and you can turn around and look and it'll be gone, it'll be gone and it's awesome," he said.

The one thing keeping morale up when the days are long, is taking a look at the upcoming forecast.

"A little less wind when I'm behind the desk, but I love being out, the sunshine's great, it's the first really warm week we've had this year. It's going to be really a beautiful week to be out picking everything up for everyone," Jacobson said.

City of Fargo Solid Waste Utility Director Scott Olson and City of Moorhead Sanitation Manager Todd Bratlien both told WDAY News they have seen cleanup week stress decrease since each city moved to two-week cycles, based on recycling schedules for the event in 2020.

Jacobson said sticking to one week is still going smoothly for West Fargo, despite the busy schedule.

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