Only one business fails alcohol compliance tests

The county health department tested 21 businesses in the metro

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WEST FARGO — Alcohol compliance checks were performed across West Fargo on November 8 and after checking 21 businesses, 20 passed, resulting in a 95% compliance rate.

Several times a year, the Fargo Cass Public Health (FCPH) Substance Abuse Prevention Program partners with local law enforcement agencies to carry out alcohol compliance checks in Fargo, West Fargo, and Cass County. The intent of the checks is to ensure alcohol retailers are not selling any alcohol to minors. FCPH appreciates the cooperation of the business communities across West Fargo. Licensed alcohol retailers are encouraged to periodically review City Ordinances and state laws related to sale of alcohol and to include this important information in training for new employees.

West Fargo businesses that failed:

· Bernie’s Liquor West – 100 Sheyenne Street – First fail in one year

West Fargo penalties:


· First violation - subjects licensee to a written warning and a 12-month Probationary Period.

· Second violation within the Probationary Period - subjects licensee to a $250 administrative fine.

· Third violation within the Probationary Period - subjects licensee to a $500 administrative fine and a 3-day suspension of the license.

· Subsequent violations within the Probationary Period - subjects licensee to a 30-day license suspension.

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