West Fargo 5-year-old already planning to be a police officer

When the West Fargo Police Department started its successful Coffee with a Cop monthly program at Sandy's Donuts, they never thought a 5-year-old would steal the show.

Five-year-old Connor Dullea (right), hands artwork of police cars he made for West Fargo police officers at the monthly Coffee With a Cop. His dream is to be a an officer.
Ryan Longnecker / WDAY News

WEST FARGO — Well before the West Fargo Police Department's monthly Coffee with a Cop program got underway, Connor Dullea walked up to the Sandy's Donuts counter and got the sweetest treat out there, a donut with frosting and sprinkles. But then, he's all business.

"It's a police water cruiser," Connor Dullea said as he handed West Fargo police officers new artwork.

Every month, Connor puts on his police blues and wears his badge to come and meet his favorite people: West Fargo police officers.

"That one is for you," he said to officer Rhonda Jorgensen.

Like every other visit, on Wednesday, May 17, he came with drawings and cards he made for the officers he one day hopes to join.


"I don't know Connor, there are pretty special. We appreciate you coming every month," Jorgensen said.

Connor's mom, Tasha Dullea, said her boy has wanted to be a police officer since he was a toddler.

"He says he wants to be a police officer and help people. They get to wear blue and keep people safe," Tasha Dullea said.

He also likes to build police vehicles out of Lego.

"He builds police stations, police cars, we have police boats and helicopters," Tasha Dullea said.

At this Coffee with a Cop day, officer Brock Ackerman and K-9 Jazz put on a show for Connor and the others.

The police department's school therapy dog showed up, and Connor got to see first hand how perfect puppies can be.

"How fast does he run?" he asked the canine team.


"Great question. I can tell you he can run faster than any human being," Sgt. Pete Nielsen said.

Next year, Connor will be in kindergarten, but he still plans on making it to Coffee with a Cop. After all, they've become like family.

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